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WEATHER: (June 29, 2022) WEDNESDAY – High yesterday was 89° at 4:00; 

this morning’s low was 63° at 6:00. KPANcast: Mostly sunny, hot and 


LOCAL: After an eventful meeting, Deaf Smith County Commissioners toured 

the nearly completed DSC Law Enforcement Center yesterday. The center, 

which was approved in a 2019 bond by county voters at approximately $32 

million, will be vacant until at least 15 more employees are hired by 

the Sherriff’s Department to staff the jail. The county continues to 

house inmates in Parmer County with costs in the range of $15k-$30k 

monthly. Staff shortages and leadership issues were discussed in the 

meeting, with Commissioner Brumley calling for the resignation of 

Sherriff J. Dale Butler which was refused by the Sherriff……DSC 4-H 

member Avery Detten was recognized during yesterday’s meeting. Avery won 

1st place in the Animal Science Division of educational presentations. 

She presented her study on sheep herd diseases at 4-H Roundup in College 

Station earlier this month……Even after rainfall over the weekend, the 

county remains in the 600+ range of the KBD Index for drought 

conditions. There are small portions of the county that fell below the 

500 range after weekend rains, but portions also remain in the 700+ 

category which is the most extreme……The Hereford Senior Center will be 

closed today as plumbing repairs are being made in the kitchen area……The 

Deaf Smith County Chamber of Commerce and Knights of Columbus are 

hosting Party in the Park on Sunday at Dameron Park. The activities 

begin at 4:00 with games, live music, food and vendor booths……KPAN 

salutes Donnie O’Rand as the Good Neighbor of the Day……For results that 

will move you – call Charlie Kerr Realtor 806-344-2975.

KPAN PUN: Did you hear about the cannibal who was late for dinner? He 

got the cold shoulder.

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