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KPAN AM-FM is on 24/7       Anytime, everytime.


Typical weekday schedule:

6am hour   :00-:05 CBS News        :05-:29 TSN Farm and Ranch Show         :30 Trading Post         :43 Ag Weather    :45 Ag Markets     :55 Today in History

7am hour    :00-:11 CBS World News Roundup    :11 Lunch Menus     :15 Ag Markets   :25Birthday Club    :30 Local Headlines    :35 Good Neighbor Salute    :40 TSN Sports     :45The Day-by-Day Philosopher   :55 TSN News

8am hour   :00 The Weather Guy     :05-:15 KPAN Local News   :20 Coach's Interview  :30TV and Movie Review    :45-9:00 A.M. Interview    

9am hour    :00CBS News   :11 Local news headlines    :30 News Headlines   :35 Ag Markets  :55 TSN News

10 am hour  :00CBS News     :20 Cowboys Update    :40 Red Raider Update

11am hour    :00 CBS News    :20 CNBC       :30 News Headlines  

Noon Hour   :00 TSN Mid-day Report   :15 Lone Star Farm and Ranch Show  :30 KPAN Trading Post   :35 KPAN Local News     :43 Weather   :50 Ag Policy Perspectives    :54 Beef Roundup

1pm hour     :00 CBS News          :35 Closing Commodity Report     :50 Passport to Texas

Afternoon programs include  Cowboys Update at 4:20, AgNet Markets at 4:25,  TSN News and Ag at 5:00, TSN Sports at 5:15.    5:20 CNBC   Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm the Official Texas Countdown.

Evening programs include live sports broadcasts (see schedule at sports), music and CBS News on the hour.

Saturday includes Official Texas Countdown from 2:00-4:00pm.

Sunday includes This Week in Austin at 7:30, 20 Minutes of Power at 9am, First Baptist Church worship services at 10:50 (First United Methodist services on the 4th Sunday of each month).








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