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                                 KPAN Good Neighbor Policy

        KPAN accepts and welcomes nominations for the Good Neighbor of the Day. The recognition is typically for a good deed or act of kindness that would otherwise go unnoticed, but in some instances is also for volunteer efforts or other actions above and beyond the call of duty.

          Persons may not nominate members of their immediate family. Also, persons making nominations may not provide that information to the nominee in part to prevent the appearance of collusion. A person will not be saluted more than once in every two years. Nominations are accepted by mail, e-mail, fax, telephone and in person.

          A nomination does not guarantee that a person will be saluted as Good Neighbor. The selection process is controlled and made solely by KPAN Radio.  




                                KPAN Local News Policy

            KPAN welcomes the submission of local news items for consideration. When possible, items should be in written form and include the basic who/what/when/where and why or how, along with a contact person for further information. Mail, fax, e-mail or personal delivery are fine; telephone submissions are accepted if circumstances allow.

            Items submitted are subject to editing for content and length and must also meet KPAN Local News guidelines for inclusion. Non-profits groups may submit material for public service announcements at no charge. Items that do not meet KPAN Local News guidelines or PSA policy are usually eligible for advertising at regular rates.




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