Hereford ISD $43.4 million bond election May 9th 


Architectural concept of $15 million renovation of Stanton Learning Center

Architectural concept of $9 million project at Whiteface Stadium, including new fieldhouse, press box and synthetic turf

    A detailed breakdown of proposed facility improvements, additional conceptual drawings, effects on property taxes and FAQs about the bond issue are available at In addition, KPAN AM-FM will be conducting interviews with HISD officials about the bond proposal each Tuesday morning in April at 8:40am, beginning March 31 with superintendent Dr. Kelli Moulton. 






The first four wind turbines to be erected at EDF-Texas Hereford Wind LLC southeast of Hereford, located at FM 1259 and County Road C. The wind park has 104 turbines online, producing electricity that goes onto the ERCOT grid downstate. 




                        Hereford Wind Projects 

        A wind turbine pedestal foundation southeast of Hereford. Three wind projects are on the table for Deaf Smith County, with a total capacity of 469 megawatts. 

       Construction is complete in southeast Deaf Smith County on Texas Hereford Wind LLC, a 200-megawatt wind park owned by EDF and BlackRock Infrastructure. The wind park is online and producing electricity. At a 48% capacity factor, the Hereford EDF project will produce 759,000 megawatt hours yearly.  Blattner Energy is the engineering, procurement and construction contractor with about 115 people working on the ground. The project covers 15,000 acres of farm and ranchland, and consists of 50 2.0MW Vestas turbines and 54 1.85MW GE turbines. Total investment in the project is estimated at $340 million. 

      Unity Wind LLC plans a 240MW project north of Dawn, with construction projected for 2015; that project also has 100MW of solar energy proposed for phase 2. Fremantle Energy is underway with a project near Wildorado called Canadian Breaks LLC, with 29MW  installed in Deaf Smith County; the company also plans to construct another substation in northeastern Deaf Smith County.

      Construction is underway on a 300-megawatt wind project named Jumbo Road in northern Castro County, which is owned by Mid-American Renewables; it borders the south edge of the EDF-Hereford wind park. The project has a long-term contract to supply energy to the city of Austin.

    The first phase of the Mariah project is in process in Parmer County, being developed by Scatec of Norway and Scandia Wind Southwest of Bovina; the first 2 phases of the project would total 800 megawatts. Both Mariah and Jumbo Road would interconnect through the Sharyland substation southeast of Hereford. Lincoln Renewable Energy of Chicago was instrumental in developing both the Hereford Wind and Jumbo Road wind parks.

      Power produced by the projects would be collected by Sharyland Utilities and transmitted by CREZ lines. The CREZ project interconnects Sharyland wind energy collection substations near Silverton, Nazareth, Hereford and White Deer to the ERCOT grid downstate. Other companies developing wind projects to interconnect through the Deaf Smith Sharyland substation include Tri-Global, EURUS, Chermac-Happy, and E.ON.   


Classes are in session at the $7 million Amarillo College Hinkson campus on West Fifteenth Street. Besides core college curriculum classrooms, the campus includes technical labs for training in trucking, industrial maintenance and renewable energy-wind. 




Margaret Formby Memorial Collection  --  A project of Deaf Smith Friends of the Library, readers are able to view over 300 very early editions of the Hereford Brand newspaper. Click here to learn about and view the collection online. 



To see photos of the KPAN wind build, click here.            

To read the July 2008 Radio article, click here.             

To read the February 2009 Radio magazine article, click here.

 As of January 1, 2012, the KPAN Skystream has prevented the release of 10,243 pounds of CO2, compared to energy from coal.



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