Christmas Stocking Fund

The Christmas Stocking Fund closed out its 37th campaign in 2016 with total donations of $24,660, the poorest showing in the past five years, but still good enough to rank 10th among the top ten years of CSF giving. 

In keeping with its policy of giving priority to children and senior citizens, the anonymous committee that administers CSF approved aid that benefited 140 families that included 231 children along with 33 senior citizens, 27 disabled individuals, and an additional 16 special circumstance cases. CSF made an early and rapid response in the aftermath of a destructive house fire in Hereford late in the fall, providing aid for a family in need of virtually everything to set up life again after the fire gutted their residence. Additionally, CSF continued its aid to the Hereford Food Pantry with regular purchases of peanut butter totaling $2,730 during the past year, and topped that aid off with several cases of jelly to accompany the peanut butter during its December food aid deliveries.

The CSF committee also approved responses to a couple of special reference cases that came up during the just-completed campaign involving emergency utility assistance. 

Preliminary figures indicate that overall spending by CSF for 2016 will total approximately $26,083, but could be somewhat less, depending on whether all food and utility assistance vouchers issued by CSF are redeemed by the middle of January deadline. 

Far and away the largest expenditure by CSF, and one specifically targeted toward children and senior citizens, was clothing assistance of $15,285.

Groceries, dry goods, and beef certificates issued by CSF amounted to spending of $3,075.

CSF expended $3,990 toward aid with electric bills, $1,887 in aid with water bills, and $1,521 on assistance with heating gas bills. 

Medical assistance totaled $325.

“We thank the caring residents of Hereford and Deaf Smith County for their continued support and vote of confidence in the efforts of their hometown holiday charity. We are grateful for the continuing assistance of participating local merchants, and for the vital assistance of West Texas Rural Telephone and WT Services in getting food assistance loaded and delivered for 21 years, and for allowing posting of CSF totals and donors on Cable TV Channels 1 and 21. A special thanks to KPAN Radio as official sponsor, and to First Bank Southwest for serving as the collection point,” commented a CSF spokesperson. 






    Winners in the 2016 Red Raider Giveaway were Jackie Murphey, Toby Garcia, Alicia Valdez, Joe Rohrbach, Anthony Mariscal and Dezi Vargas. Each won a free pair of tickets to Big 12 football games in Lubbock.  Congratulations to the winners! Thanks to all listeners who registered in the contests, and thanks to KPAN sponsors Gebo's, Hereford Texas Federal Credit Union and Whiteface Ford.



Lane Formby of the KPAN Krew interviews Lonnie Allsup, founder and CEO of Allsup's Convenience Stores at the grand opening of the new Vega store. The complex at I-40 and US 385 includes 24 gas pumps, 12 diesel pumps and a 5000 square-foot store. 




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