The 9-4 Hereford Whitefaces, going 4 rounds into the playoffs before losing to the Decatur Eagles 38-28 in the 4A DI state quarterfinals.     

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Christmas Stocking Fund for December 7

Itís an unfortunate reality of todayís times, but too often, the elderly must choose between money in the budget for medicine or for basics such as food or keeping the lights on.

Thatís the kind of quandary faced by Mr. M. a 60 year old man with disabilities from Christmas Stocking Fund Case Number 12 this holiday season. Saddled with health problems that require a costly brace for his hand, Mr. M. has an impossibly tall stack of medical bills confronting him, and is behind on utility payments as well.

Amidst the dilemma of too many medical bills and too little money, Mr. M. has elected to ask to keep warm this winter in the face of seemingly untouchable medical bills. Accordingly, he says help with utility bills is most needed from the 2018 edition of the Christmas Stocking Fund.

CSF volunteers traditionally give the young and the elderly top priority for assistance including food, utilities, medical and pharmacy bills, and clothing. Assistance other than food is via vouchers payable to merchants, utilities, or medical facilities cooperating with CSF. Food is boxed and delivered.

Donations to CSF may be made in-person at First Bank Southwest at 300 North Main or mailed to CSF at the same address. Contributions will be accepted through December 31. Contributors may remain anonymous if desired.

KPAN Radio is marking its fifth season this year as official sponsor of the Christmas Stocking Fund and is highlighting cases daily at 8:40 a.m. and 4:40 p.m. during the December CSF drive by listing donors. Updates also appear on Facebook and the KPAN homepage at and will be featured as space allows in the KPAN Radiogram. Donor names and campaign totals also appear on local cable channels 1 and 21, and are posted regularly on a display board in the lobby of First Bank Southwest.

Current Donation Total--$4,807













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